A must visit place – Niagara waterfall

The most renowned waterfall- Niagara is situated on the boarder between the U.S. and Canada. Each tourist who visits the Northern part of the U.S. does not miss to see this natural miracle. Niagara Falls is located 27 km. of Buffalo, New York, and 121 km. of Toronto, Canada.

Since 1678 the Americans have known about the existence of this amazing waterfall. During 20th century many couple spent their honeymoon in this area. For that reason, the region is well-organized and offers diverse services.

If you are an addict to the extraordinary experience, probably you will try all the opportunities that the local people offer. You can enjoy the Niagara Falls’ beauty by the shipboard “Made of the Mist”. This ship holds around 600 people. Do not be surprised if you receive a raincoat there- it is necessary for you to have one whenNiagara-Falls you get closer to the falls.

The Canadian part of this area is much more interesting. There are several restaurants, clubs, hotels, etc. They built even the so-called enormous casino “Niagara”. Canadians maintain Niagara Park and many tourists can enjoy its nature after their Niagara Falls tour. Niagara on the Lake is really nice town, where the local people make delicious wines. The region appeals to tourists with the local wineries such as Peller Estates, Inniskillin Wines, Château des Charmes, Vineland Estates Winery- the first Canadian winery that won the VinExpo’s gold medal in Bordo.

Each winter there is a light show at Niagara Falls. The Niagara waters are colored in different shades and become more impressive than ever. It is an amazing view and it really worth it to be seen. The Festival of lights is a good occasion to organize a Niagara Falls trip.

Do not draw back of your dreams. If you long to visit Niagara Falls, keep on searching ways to accomplish it. It is certain that the plane tickets are expensive and all other trip costs are high, but if you safe many long time, you will succeed to make your dream come true.

Las Vegas with its unique character

Are you searching an unforgettable experience? So, you should try visiting Las Vegas- one of the most irregular places on the Earth. Las Vegas is a place riddled with vanity, glamour and passion. In the so-called sin city you can charge yourself with specific energy. Luxury is obligatory and all tempting things are allowed.

Las Vegas has unique character, despite it is based on foreign achievements. Its attractions actually are the most famous attraction globally but represented in miniature size: the French Eiffel Tour; the Statue of Liberty and the most typical part of New York; the Venetian canals and gondolas; etc.

All the glamorous hotels of Las Vegas are its trademark. Most of them include huge casinos and other attractions. The level of luxury of each one depends on all additional services1152_orig and facilities they offer. These are some of the most renowned hotels in Las Vegas:

Wynn Las Vegas Hotel will not offer you a room with price less than $300 per night. So, if you decide to stay there, you should be well-prepared. This hotel owns one of the best gourmet restaurants in the city and it will surprise you with great dishes.

The Venetian Hotel and Casino will offer you huge rooms, an airy casino, diverse entertainment, shopping, delicious food. The price is as high as the offers’ quality.

Palazzo Hotel has invested many effort and money to create one of the most glamorous hotels in Las Vegas. If their spacious rooms and delicious food are not enough to convince you choose them, so we will tell you that the Palazzo Hotel offers many entertainment options and your nightlife will be exciting.

Aria Hotel and Casino is a really luxurious complex. There you can enjoy some of the best restaurants in the city, an impressive art collection and incredible spa area.

The sin city will not surprise you. Everything is like in a movie. There are real abundance of casinos and party venues. Twenty-four-hour entertainment is assured. You just need plane tickets to destination Las Vegas and enough money.

You have to know that Las Vegas is most beautiful at night. Take a look on the video below to see what we are talking about.

New York – the city that never sleeps

“I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps…” – Frank Sinatra sang for first time in 1977. By so many years New York remains the city everyone wants to visit. This mega polis still impresses people of diverse nationalities and still has a magnetic force.

Why is New York so impressive? It even has no fascinating architecture or ancient remains; it is just a modern mega polis. New York has its individuality. Nobody is able to explain why exactly love this city, but he/she just loves it sincerely.

Manhattan is the most new_york_wideweb__470x3140luxurious part of New York. There are the most expensive restaurants, hotels, shops in Manhattan. The dynamic of this neighbourhood defines NY as one of the busiest cities globally. The Empire State Building – the highest building in New York, is situated in Manhattan and many others skyscrapers as well. The currently not existing World Trade Centre was part of these neighborhood buildings, but after the terrorist attack on 11 of September, 2001, it was totally destroyed. In 2013 we expect the new World Trade Centre to be built in the place of the old one.

Central Park in Manhattan is the next most renowned place in New York. There are so many movies that show us its orderliness and amazing nature. It is a good architectural decision to create a small natural “oasis” within the skyscrapers.

Time Square is one of the worldwide famous landmarks in Manhattan. All we know Time square from the hundreds of American movies we have watched. Actually, Time Square is the street with hundreds of lights, widescreens and advertisements. There are Broadway and 7th Avenue.

The Statue of Liberty is the symbol of the U.S. and New York. Each tourist should see it. This statue has its special meaning. The “American dream”, the democracy and the liberty are typical features of the American culture and conception of the world. They highlight the cult to personality. However, may be it is impossible for you to visit the U.S. and not seeing the Statue of Liberty.

New York is one of the cities that each person dreams on visiting. Do not allow to the obstacles such as expensive plane tickets, a long distance, less free time, etc. to force you refrain from the wonderful adventure of visiting the city that never sleeps.