A must visit place – Niagara waterfall

The most renowned waterfall- Niagara is situated on the boarder between the U.S. and Canada. Each tourist who visits the Northern part of the U.S. does not miss to see this natural miracle. Niagara Falls is located 27 km. of Buffalo, New York, and 121 km. of Toronto, Canada.

Since 1678 the Americans have known about the existence of this amazing waterfall. During 20th century many couple spent their honeymoon in this area. For that reason, the region is well-organized and offers diverse services.

If you are an addict to the extraordinary experience, probably you will try all the opportunities that the local people offer. You can enjoy the Niagara Falls’ beauty by the shipboard “Made of the Mist”. This ship holds around 600 people. Do not be surprised if you receive a raincoat there- it is necessary for you to have one whenNiagara-Falls you get closer to the falls.

The Canadian part of this area is much more interesting. There are several restaurants, clubs, hotels, etc. They built even the so-called enormous casino “Niagara”. Canadians maintain Niagara Park and many tourists can enjoy its nature after their Niagara Falls tour. Niagara on the Lake is really nice town, where the local people make delicious wines. The region appeals to tourists with the local wineries such as Peller Estates, Inniskillin Wines, Château des Charmes, Vineland Estates Winery- the first Canadian winery that won the VinExpo’s gold medal in Bordo.

Each winter there is a light show at Niagara Falls. The Niagara waters are colored in different shades and become more impressive than ever. It is an amazing view and it really worth it to be seen. The Festival of lights is a good occasion to organize a Niagara Falls trip.

Do not draw back of your dreams. If you long to visit Niagara Falls, keep on searching ways to accomplish it. It is certain that the plane tickets are expensive and all other trip costs are high, but if you safe many long time, you will succeed to make your dream come true.